What can Oxyamco do for you?


We use a small number of specialist factories with whom we have long-term partnerships, each factory has slightly different skills and experience which suit different product categories. Once we’ve agreed your product specifications, we then recommend the best factory to suit the products being developed.

Key Points:

  • Comprehensive sourcing service.
  • Using extremely competent factories in mainland China.
  • Guaranteed results

In addition to our core activity of developing and producing bags, backpacks and travel products, we can also source multiple products in other allied product categories.

We guarantee results in the following key areas: -

  • Highly competitive buy prices
  • All products exceed agreed quality assurance standards
  • On time delivery

Product Development

Our team includes UK & Hong Kong based product development & design professionals.

We offer cost effective design and product development solutions. Guaranteed results in innovative product development.

Key Points:

  • manageable design fees with offset options against orders.
  • manageable sampling & prototyping fees with offset options against orders.

Our experienced team can work with you in a number of ways to achieve your product development objectives: -

Customise Our Existing lines

We have an extensive catalogue of proven product designs with patterns available so you can choose from this selection and customise any of these products with your own choices of colours, fabrics, components and accessories to suit your target market.

You Design:
Send Us Your Design Concepts

You can give us your own ideas and designs on paper or in digital format and we can advise on colours, fabrics, accessories etc to develop prototype samples for you so that you can realise your own product concepts.

We Design:
Let Us Handle Design

Based on your written briefs of what you want to achieve with products, we can develop new design visuals for your evaluation from scratch and then prototype sample these once you’re happy with the design concept using fabrics, components and accessories to suit.

Quality Assurance

High product quality is critical; inferior quality substantially increases costs and reduces profitability.

We help you to eliminate inferior quality through careful inspection of facilities and production. By inspecting products at source, the costs associated with import risks and product recalls are reduced.

Key Points:

  • Pre-production inspection and sampling
  • In-line production inspection
  • Pre-shipment inspection and sampling
  • Loading supervision
  • Customised quality program

Factory Audits

We’ve developed long term relationships with all of our manufacturing partners.

Using our experience and knowledge of sourcing and quality management systems, we constantly evaluate our partners on the following aspects:


It’s important that our manufacturing partners have sufficient highly skilled machinists and operatives to deliver products to the correct level of quality and performance

Production Capacity

We always want to be sure that there is sufficient capacity to meet our clients’ production requirements

Machinery & Equipment

The quality and scope of machinery needs to be suitable for the specialist nature of the products developed for our clients

Manufacturing Environment

We need to be sure that the factory environment is both safe for the employees and maintained to a high standard to maximise the quality of the production

Manufacturing Processes

These are critical to the efficient and timely delivery of our clients’ orders

Manufacturer's Quality Systems

Fundamental to the delivery of high-quality products is the ability of our manufacturing partners to monitor the quality of the production lines in an effective manner

Management Systems & Capability

With good management systems in place, we can be sure that our manufacturing partners can deliver top quality products at the right time

Corporate & Social Responsibility

All of our manufacturing partners are fully audited to the highest standards, and we constantly monitor their progress to ensure that standards are always developed to the highest level. For more information please refer to our CSR section here.

CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility)

At Oxyamco, we’ve always been passionate about this area which has become a hot topic in recent years. Corporate and Social Responsibility is close to our hearts and we strive to run our business in a highly responsible and ethical manner.

We endeavour to trade fairly with our vendor partners to ensure that we make sustainable products, minimising the impact on the environment where possible. We also inspect all production facilities and take rigorous steps to ensure that working conditions are comfortable and that all individuals in our supply chain are paid fairly.

We believe in long-term business relationships where we can work more closely with our vendor partners to ensure that they can continuously improve their overall conditions.

Briefly here’s some insight into our CSR and environmental philosophy/actions in our own supply chain:

  • We actively encourage our vendors to implement ethical business practices
  • Our approach is realistic, objective, and geared towards continual improvement
  • We promote high ethical standards throughout our supply chain without imposing unachievable conditions
  • We know that unachievable conditions are often counter-productive to vendors’ & their employees’ interests
  • We aim to understand the diversity of our supply chain, embrace local cultures, and through our business relationships, support and improve livelihoods
  • We personally visit all production sites and forbid any form of sub-contracting
  • We focus on building stable long-term business relationships, providing training and support
  • We reward good progress with additional business opportunities
  • We fundamentally believe in environmental sustainability, our planet is our playground and we need to respect it and care for it
  • We actively encourage our colleagues, associates and our vendors to minimise negative environmental impacts
  • We avoid wastage throughout our supply chain and encourage recycling, all paper board and fabric wastage is recycled
  • We follow European standards on harmful substances to ensure that these are excluded from our raw materials and accessories


All factories audited to BSCI or SA8000 standard with certification available for inspection.
All factories are audited to ISO9001 standard with certification available for inspection.
All factories are audited to ISO14001 standard with certification available for inspection.

In addition to the above standards, we’re happy to carry any audits to follow a customer’s specific programme as required.

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Product testing

We ensure all our products are thoroughly tested and fit for purpose.

To ensure consumer safety, all consumer goods these days subject rigorous legal regulations and standards. These standards and regulations vary by product category and territory and are often very confusing and hard to understand. You can rely on our expertise and technical resources to help ensure your compliance with relevant regulations, as well as your own technical specifications.

Through our professional testing partners such as HQTS, you can rely on us to test for compliance against RoHS, REACH, ASTM Ca Prop 65, EN 71, just to name a few. We work closely with you to design a testing program that best meets your requirements.

Our experience, specialised knowledge, and industry certifications enables us to customise a service to your specific needs.

Our Testing Services

  • REACH testing , we ensure that all of our products are made from materials, fabrics and components that contain no harmful chemicals and thus compliant with EU and other similar standards from around the world
  • Fabric performance testing, we use a large selection of different fabric performance tests to ensure that our products are made from suitable fabrics for the intended end use of the product, these tests can include waterproof tests for waterproof fabrics, colour transfer tests on body contact fabrics, or UV tests on fabrics that need to be resistant to UV
  • Product performance testing, we use various test methods to ensure that the completed product is fit for purpose in its intended use, this can include tests such as drop tests on critical components such as carry handles and shoulder harnesses, or wear testing of wheel units on trolley bags
Product Testing in the Lab
  • Fibre content
  • Structural analysis
  • Measurement/stability
  • Colour fastness
  • Chemical content
  • Waterproof performance
  • Load testing
Product Testing in the Field
  • Ensure product is fit for purpose
  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Durability
  • User comfort & wear


How do you ship goods from China?

Let Oxyamco review your current logistics arrangements with a view to saving you substantial sums of money.

  • Sample courier services
  • Sea-freight forwarding
  • Air-freight forwarding
  • Freight consolidation
  • Warehousing & distribution


Need photographic support for your marketing activities? We can arrange product photography at source in China or within the EU and UK.

  • Choose from studio shots, location shots or action shots.
  • Enables you to get your product images in appropriate time to plan your marketing campaigns well in advance.
  • Excellent quality images at extremely competitive prices.

Point of Sale

Effective product merchandising & display is critical to the success of retail businesses - we can source quality point of sale equipment and assist you with your packaging design and production.

  • Design & production of hangtags & headercards
  • Design and production of display boxes and pouches
  • Display fixtures and fittings
  • Promotional banners and point of sale materials
  • Manufactured and printed in mainland China
  • Excellent quality and value

Showroom / Trade Shows

We keep all our latest products in our showroom, with loads of new styles, new fabrics, accessories and more for 2023/2024.

We also attend various trade shows throughout the year, look out for us at the next one!

To come and see us in our showroom, or if you're attending a trade show in the future,  please click the "book a meeting" button below to fill out the booking form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.